Who is the Dragonram, aka Tarolyn?

I am what I would have referred to in my youth as a “Little Old Lady”. We used to use the term “LOL”,  as in I helped a LOL across the street today, and she gave me a buck.

Sometimes we would call them Blue haired Little Old Ladies because of the stain they used to try to get their hair to look white instead of pale yellow  or grey. As it happens, I have blue hair right now. I did it to cheer myself up after not feeling well for a few days and it sort of got carried away. Oh, well! It happens to be current right now to wear hair of all colors especially in my current role.  I am a makeup consultant with Sephora inside JCP at the Capital Mall in Olympia, Washington. As you will see, I am very fashion oriented. I love hair, makeup, clothes and shoes..

In the past, I have been a business owner, held political office, been a hairdresser, musician, teacher, psychotherapist, makeup artist, and totally disabled.

Concerning the disability,   diabetes, chronic Pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Traumatic Osteoarthritis, Chronic fatigue, ADHD, Bone Spurs and a plantar’s wart on the ball of my right foot. Oh, and one ophthalmologist says I have early signs of macular degeneration.

For most of my life, I was morbidly obese, having been born 13 lbs and 10 oz. Now I have 50 lbs to loose and I guess I can keep track of that here since some of you reading this will upon occasion see me and know if I am lying. So, the goal is 145 lbs.

When I was 14, a fortune telling in Silver CityNevada told me three things that I can remember. One I would receive a surprise letter from someone dear within 13 days. Two, I would marry three times and the third marriage would be idyllic like a fairytale and very happy. Three, I would die at the age of 82, surrounded by men who adored me,

As for one, on the thirteenth day, I received a letter from a boy I had just met. His name is Bill Smith, believe it or not. I thought I would never hear from him again since he already had a girlfriend. He wrote to tell me he was getting married. Bummer, but unexpected and on the thirteenth day.

Second, after one marriage when my husband disappeared off the face of the earth and was never seen again, I married a young man I met in college. That first husband went by Timothy Leland David Levitt Scott, by the way in case anyone knows him. The second husband was Ronald Dewitt Kirby – and later changed his name to Von Koehler – a family name. When he discovered by accident that I was thinking divorce, he obliged and there I was, single again after nine years.

Third, there is the poor health that became a disability after having been hit once by a pickup and later by a full size van. That has been ongoing since 1993. There is the long illness and my third husband, Herbert is the love of my life. Our marriage has had great ups and downs and we still hold hands in bed upon occasion. That has lasted twenty-three years. I assume I have twenty-one years to go until that deathbed scene.

Other than Herb, the light of my life is my five Pomeranian. Chianti, 15, Pandora (the mama dog) 4, her son by “pup”, Pythagoras, 26 mo., Diana the huntress, daughter of Pythagoras and Pandora,  8 mos. and too shy to find a home, and Pluto (the littlest one) son of Pandora and Pythagoras, 8 mos. old and only 5 lbs. 

My childhood was brutal. For those of you who understand ψ speak, she was bipolar with borderline personality disorder. In English, she was a cross between the evil queen and the wicked witch with wild mood swings and paranoia. Add to that drugs and alcohol. Not the best environment for raising children.

So you may wonder why you should care what I have to say, you shouldn’t. Seriously, get a life. On the other hand, if you want to know what a regular voter thinks about, have at it. I like to think many experience backs up my thoughts and education, both formal and self taught. If you know of some facts, I appear not to have considered, please feel free to inform me. I warn you, though, I have no patience for hearsay like, “A woman’s body has ways of fighting off pregnancy during a legitimate rape.” Get real. I will lambaste you.


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